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Daempfungsschiene Damping Rods Hydraulik Berlitech Dämpfungselemente

Damping Elements

Daempfungsring Dämpfungselemente Filter Kupplung Motor Pumpe Hydraulik Berlitech
Daempfungsschiene Damping Rods Hydraulik Berlitech Dämpfungselemente

Damping Rods

Reduction of sound level / damping vibrations
Finished for IEC motors IMB35 (DSM), NEMA-motors, PTFL-foot brackets (PTFL-DS) and PTFS-foot brackets (PTFS-DS) respectively
Special lengths and designs possible on request
 Material: Rubber (NR) / Steel
 Noise reduction: ca 3-4 dB (A)

Dämpfungsringe Dampingrings Hydraulik Berlitech Dämpfungselemente


For application between bellhousing and tank vertically or horizontally.

Damping rings consist of two vulcanised perbunan coated combined aluminium rings
Application: Mineral oil up to max. +80°C
Noise reduction: approx 3-6   dB (A)
Sealing lips moulded-on
No additional sealing necessary

Dampingflanges Dämpfungselemente Hydraulik Hydraulic Dämpfungsflansch


Berlitech damping flanges are applied in connection with Berlitech bellhousings between hydraulic pumps and E-motors
They consist of two aluminium components, which are connected to each other by a mouled- on rubber coating  (Perbunan-NBR) without metallic contact
The materials applied are resistant to minerals oils
The archieveable reduction of sound level amounts 8 dB (A)
Working temperatures: 80°C / 100°C temporary

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