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Oil-Air-Cooler Öl Kühler Luft Kühler


Öl-Luft-Nebenstromaggregate Öl Luft Kühler Öl Wasser

Oil-Air-Cooler Auxiliary Power Unit

With a low-noise pump
Bypass valve possible
Possible with Rücklauffilter
Cooling capacity up to ca. 65 kW possible

Possible with aluminum tank

Oil-Water-Cooler / Tube Heat Exchanger


Robust construction through thick-walled steel housing
Compact design through Aluminiumrippen and copper tube

Large connection sizes, minimal pressure loss

Heat dissipation up to 230 kW

Oil flow rate up to 380 l/min

Max. Operating pressure on the oil side 35 bar, waterside 10 bar

Flexible installation options, internal bypass valve available

Oil-Water-Cooler / Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Oil-Water-Cooler Oil-Water-Cooler / Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Plattenwärmetauscher

Space-saving and compact heat transfer solution
Highly efficient thanks to special channel plates with an alternating zigzag pattern
Optimal heat transfer between media with different viscosity



Bildschirm­foto 2023-07-13 um 16.52.16.tif

High-performance cooler out of aluminium

High power at high operating pressure (Up to 26bar)

Tried and tested for years in tough practical use, for the toughest requirements

Motors: 12V / 24V / 230V / 400V / Hydromotor
Maintenance free, noise optimized, short delivery time

Available with: Thermal switch, pump, 60Hz Motors, different air direction

Oil-Water-Cooler / Tube Heat Exchanger Öl-Wasser-Kühler / Rohrbündelwärmetauscher
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