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Behälterzubehör Reinigungsdeckel Behälter Hydraulik Einfüller Fillers

Tank Accessoires

Reinigungsdeckel Berlitech Hydraulik Deckel cleaning cover

Aluminium Cleaning Cover

Cleaning cover RD 250-4 and RD 250/235 for steel oil tanks of low size
Cleaning cover RD 250 and RD 475 acc. to DIN 24339
Formgasket available of perbunan (NBR standard), viton (FPM) and EPDM
Screw torque for this cleaning covers 20 Nm max.
Test pressure for all RD types 0,5 bar max.
All sizes also available in steel and stainless steel

Optionally with lasered customer logo, also available in small quantities



Air filters and dehumidifiers

If vessels or gears are ventilated, moisture can enter the system. Temperature fluctuations cause this moisture to condense.  

This can accelerate the aging process of the fluid and damage the system components.


With air dehumidifiers of the BLT-LF series, the incoming air first passes through a coarse filter, then a dryer material and then an air filter element in order to filter out any dirt particles as well as moisture.

Available in 5 lengths

Diameter 70 mm, 99 mm or 129 mm

One-piece plastic housing

Connection via BSP female thread on the plastic housing Optionally with integrated non-return valves

Replaceable dryer material  

Replaceable air filter element under the plastic cover, air filter element filter fineness: 3 μm  

Refill and maintenance kits available  

Extensive range of accessories  

Temperature range: -40°C ... +90 °C / -40 °F ... +194 °F


Filling and ventilation filter

Airscoop: Steel, chrome-plated, high-quality optics

Flange: Steel, chromed

Air filter element: 10 µm

Filling strainer: Steel, galvanized

Gasket: Cork, Perbunan (NBR)

Mech size: 800 µm

Optionally with engraved logo


Oil Level Indicator

Airscoop: Steel, high quality optics
Plug, sight glass: PA
 Scale plates: PVC
Seals: NBR (optional FPM)
For HL and HLP Hydraulicoil
Temperature zone: -20°C bis +80°C
 Alternative with thermometer available
  ÖS 76:                        -20°C bis +80°C
  ÖS 127/176/254:       -10°C bis +80°C

Special implementation and other lengths possible

Oil Level Indicator Oelschauglas Ölstandsanzeiger Behälterzubeör Berlitech Hydraulik
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