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Hybrid drives

Technology change is in full progress.​

With our system partner Bibus Hydraulic AG, we are focused with great importance to energy efficiency, energy and environmental sources savings in our solutions since years. The automation and electrification of complete hydraulic systems is becoming more and more importance. The physical advantages of hydraulics in combination with the functionalities of electric drive technology opens up new and unprecedented possibilities in finding new solutions. Electromobility has also become a megatrend in the off-highway sector.

Energy saving, emission reduction and automation:

Regardless of the technology, we draw on decades of experience to be able to offer you the best possible, individual solution.


We are looking forward to implementing your new project together!

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CNC controlled fiber laser

Our fiber laser uses a special galvanometer drive that allows your items to be marked quickly and precisely. This creates a high-contrast lettering with a high level of legibility, which remains permanent. The lettering is therefore resistant to surface treatments and wear on the metal.

Use our service as an advertising medium to ensure the traceability of your products, as well as to achieve simpler quality controls and clear process optimization.


The fiber laser is suitable for engraving metals with hard or soft surfaces. These include materials such as aluminum, anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, lead and tin. It is ideally used on our RD350 and RD475 cleaning covers, on our SONEX and SPLINEX couplings and for batch tracking on our aluminum and steel bellhousings. Nameplates with all relevant information for steel containers HYTANX from our production are also an option.

Labeling options

The fiber laser can be used to mark materials of all kinds with data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, article numbers, barcodes and logos. Feel free to ask us about your labeling needs!

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