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Stahlbehälter Welding Schweißen Behälterbau Steel Tanks

Our Company

BLT Hydraulic Components GmbH was founded in 2014. The company is located in Schwerte, North Rhine-Westphalia, approx. 20km from Dortmund and is specialized in the manufacture and trading of drive and fluid technology.


There is an extensive warehouse of drive couplings and hydraulic components on our premises, so that we can respond quickly to urgent needs. In addition, we have the option of mechanically processing and changing components in our separate production facility. We can process bellhousings with hole patterns, drill couplings to fit and groove with our own broaching tools.

​In our tank construction we have all options to build hydraulic tanks made of steel and stainless steel, oil pans and frames on site. We have several welding machines (MIG / MAG / TIG) available for this purpose, a large CNC controlled plasma torch system, a blasting system, several lathes, a large boring mill, a vertical drilling machine and a 100t press for forming. The data for CNC machining are provided in-house in our own construction department. We work with the Siemens Solid Edge software. We are happy to receive your data in .stp or .dxf format.

Areas of Application

Railway and traffic engineering, trains and track vehicles
Construction and agricultural machinery
Conveyor technology
Marine technology
Pumps and compressors
Machine tools
Wind power technology
Forming technology

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