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Hydraulics for a better world

Sustainability also plays a major role in the field of hydraulics, the introduction of efficient and renewable energies is just as important to us as economic progress.

​Renewable and less harmful energy resources are essential in today's world. ​

That's why we do our best to bring you the most modern and effective energy sources, so that supplier and customer can achieve environmentally conscious progress in the industry together.

Wind Power

Due to the low electricity costs, wind power is an indispensable source of energy, also wind turbines require little space. In contrast to other energies, wind energy is a natural resource that is constantly available and makes an enormous contribution to climate protection. A wind turbine can also be dismantled quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner and the dismantled parts can be installed in a new wind turbine.

Solar Power

Solar power offers different technologies to convert the sun's rays into energy: photovoltaics, solar thermal, solar thermal power plants, solar thermal power plants, solar balloons and solar cookers, etc. Also in Germany it is used daily because it does not release harmful carbon dioxide emissions. ​


We set a good example and use a solar roof ourselves to heat our entire business and supply electricity and light every day.

Electric Vehicles

Whenever it is possible, we use e-cars and e-bikes on our way to work to protect the environment. In the company itself an electrically running pallet truck is used every day.


Regardless of whether it is the maintenance, construction or repair of offshore wind farms, shipbuilding plays a major role in the field of offshore wind energy. The retrofitting, as well as the construction of ships, is an important concern for the creation of energy sources directly at sea. The offshore wind industry is a very modern concept, but it has great potential for the shipyard industry.


In the meantime, there are also the first battery-electric car and passenger ferries and ships that have been put into operation. Electricity generated from hydropower is used here.

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Hydraulic parts are used in all of these areas. Our greatest concern and that of our business partners is to be able to offer our customers new, efficient and clean products. We would like to improve the environment with you and our experienced partners!

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