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Kupplungen Hydraulikkupplungen Couplings hydraulic Sonex Splinex


Elastic Kupplung Sonex Hydraulik Coupling Flexible

Sonex® Elastic Coupling

Torsionally flexible, maintenance-free
 Axially pluggable
Vibration reducing
Machined all over - good dynamic properties
Compact design / low flywheel effects
Different elastomer hardness of the gear rings
Bore diameter cylindrical (metric / inch), available tapered or splined acc. to DIN or SAE standard

Coupling Kupplung Splinex Hydraulik Flexible

Splinex® Flexible Coupling

Double cardanic curved tooth gear coupling
e in general mechanical engeneering and hydraulics

Maintenance-free by combination of material plastic / steel
Compensation of misalignment of shaft axial-radial-angular
 Axially pluggable - simple mounting
Available with finish bore metric H7, taper bore and inch bore as well as spline bores


L-Type Coupling

Axially pluggable
machined on all sides - good dynamic properties
Compact design / low moment of inertia
Different elastomeric hardness of the spiders
Bore diameter cylindrical (metric / inch) conical or acc. to     DIN or SAE standard available
US American standard
Low cost alternative for low loads


MAGNEX® Magnetic Couplings

Long service time
Corrosion-free materials
High torque transfer at limited volume
Option of 100% sealed system
Option of separating media
High-temperature solutions

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